Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Carnation: A great disappointment

This carnations are grown from seeds (Giant chaboud mix); only 2 survive and are blooming since May. I love its cloves - like scent, i always smell the carnation and rose  before i go to work . It is  easily propagated from cutting, now i have 4 pots of it.

semi double white picotee
Pink single

This is my second batch of carnation, only 2 weeks old 

  After a long wait , yesterday i saw red colour peek out from the flower bud.

I'm waiting eagerly for the bud to be fully opened, dreaming of a florist carnation.

today, the petal is not fully open because lack of sunlight, it is raining a whole day
But my dream is shattered today; it is a scentless single bloom. Arghhhhhhh.........! Being an optimist i looked at it at other angle, the bloody red colour is nice:-)

The 1st batch seeds are from Yates and the second batch is from Thompson and Morgan. I'll have to sow more seeds, maybe after this i'll have double blooms.