Sunday, 23 April 2017


              As a kid i used to eat fruits from kemunting bush. It is sweet when it is ripe (colour purplish black) and has a little bit of crunch due to its small seeds. i think it taste better than supermarket bought blueberry. I grew it because i love the fruits, the never-ending pink flowers which turn to white after a few days and it provide nectar to my stingless bees.

I have 5 plants growing along the fence to act as a screen for added privacy. Its start fruiting since Nov 2016 but until now i have not yet taste its fruits. I dream of making muffin using its berry but the birds beat me to it. Before this the creature in my garden are 4 varieties of butterflies. Grass hopper, a few species of bees, wasps and 2 species of birds but now i  have 5 species of birds. Apparently an ample supply of food is like a magnet enticing them to my garden.

new and old kemunting flower

loaded with berries

close up view

almost ripe  fruit

organza bag to cover ripe fruit

PVC pipe and coated chicken wire

enclosure to keep the birds away


 ripe berry

Saturday, 15 April 2017



I planted this mulberry 15 years ago. I shared the fruits with birds, but this year the harvest was bountiful. I picked between 1-1.5 kg a day.  The black ones were sweet, it was eaten fresh, the red one is sweet and sour, good for fruit preserve and pie. I have about 5 kg in the freezer.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Gladiolus in new house

This ia a long overdue post from last year which remain in the draft until now.

              It is hard to look after sick family member, a small daughter, holding 8-5 job,y and doing a landscape in my new house. I neglected the blog since it is the easiest, i simply do not have enough time and energy or willpower to keep blogging. So far the only things that i achieve are growing gladiolus, fruit trees and Japanese moss because they are easiest to grow even when neglected

             Gladiolus bulbs were sourced from Netherland, courtesy of my good friend Peter. Last year he sent me many mixed bulbs and a few packet of bulbs in spectrum of colour: Indian summer is red hue flowers; sunshine partner is blue (range from light to dark blue etc) and many other combination.
I buried the bulbs in early June, 2 months later i am blessed by their beautiful flowers.

first to bloom is yellow

followed by bright red

close up view

maroon colour

next to bloom : green


Along with other cut flowers which i plant it is enough to adorn my table for a whole year

     Since he sent me 15 kg of bulbs i grew it a year long, digging the old ones, save the bulbs for this year planting since i cannot leave it in ground because it will rot during raining season and replant new bulbs.        This year i do not buy new bulb, just replant whatever i have which are enough to fill in 4 flower beds

gladiolus bed planted 2 weeks ago

different bed: some already showing shoot