Tuesday, 20 November 2012


In addition to local fruits i also love to eat berry, my legacy from a stint in Europe. Try to grow berry (raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and strawberry).
Despite doing all that i can to simulate its natural condition, only a few strawberries germinate.

 This strawberry seedling is the sole survivor of caterpillars attack.

This strawberry plant has produced  runners. Now i have 7 pots of strawberry plant . However after 5 months there is still no fruit!

  But i have mulberry which is the favourite of house sparrow. Most of the time they   end up with bigger share than me.

I also have seedling of local berry ( pokok kemunting) . It is very slow growing; i wonder how long it will take before I can taste the fruit of my labour. 


Monday, 5 November 2012

It ain't Autumn in the tropic

Last week i was so surprise when i was about to get into my car i noticed a bare branches of my gardenia. This is what happened when 2 caterpillars decided that i purposely grow this gardenia for their meal. Unfortunately i do not have my camera with me at that time; this photo was taken after i return from work whereby the caterpillars already disappear.