Thursday, 28 March 2013


Today one of my pineapples is ripe for picking. This is the second pineapple that i harvest this week. As usual i almost cut the pineapple before i remember that i have to take the photo for my blog! This is Josephine cultivar so the fruit is not big but what it lacks in size it makes up by early fruiting. For next 2 months i think I’ll have pineapple every week. Even though the entire pineapple seedlings were planted at the same time, Josephine is the first to fruit and there are cultivars which just bear fruit which translate to a long season of pineapple. In the tropic pineapples are available year round, but rarely we can eat sweet pineapple because it was harvest too early for cooking purposes or to be eaten as fruit salad. That is the reason why i plant pineapple in pots. Freshly picked ripe pineapple is sweet and crunchy. Um! Yummy :-)

Josephine cultivar

a row of bigger pineapple

newly form pineapple and soon to ripe pineapple

Monday, 25 March 2013

Fruit of my labour : Tomato

I wonder how the other blogger manage to take photos of ripe tomato on the plant, i really  love tomato, it become a herculean task to wait until it is really ripe  to take photos so i can upload it in my blog, this is the best i can do. It is a spontaneous reflex to pluck the tomato from the plants and straight into my mouth before my brain register that i have to take a photo!:-)

This is the best i can do, almost ripe tomato

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Petunia orchid mist

This is one of the trailing double petunias from the cascade series, Petunia Orchid mist. I've grown this petunia from seeds. This is the second seedling that survives till the flowering stage.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Bicentanary Sunflower

I'm confused! Do the 2 photos of sunflower look the same? The first photo is bicentenary sunflower, the photo was taken yesterday. The 2nd photo i initially thought was autumn beauty sunflower which was taken a month ago but now I’m not sure.  Maybe i mixed up my label