Thursday, 30 January 2014

Fig update

My figs are growing however different variety has different growth rate. Brown California (seller cannot identify its variety, some people claim it Beall, it is from California and fruit appear purplish brown hence brown California) variety is very vigorous, followed by Turkish fig and white genoa, Black Madeira and berbera are the slowest and the rest is in the middle group. Last weekend  i managed to pot a few varieties of figs. 

To those whom i do not reply to their comment i apologised because i was very busy. Usually my younger brother  or younger sister help me with my blog ( writing post, answering comment etc) but now both have flown the nest . Starting from today i think there will be fewer post. I was asked whether i want to sell my cutting. For now i have few varieties of fig plant (Black Madeira, Black mission, brown California, and celesta) that i grown for my consumption.


various varieties of fig plant

3 months old brown california aka beall

very vigorous sapling

the fruits: photo from seller

black Madeira. photo from ebay

black madeira, black mission, celesta and brown California

Sal Gene

the fruit: photo from seller


photo from ebay

green jordan and madeleine

dauphine, celesta,white genoa and  black madeira
potted 2 months ago

black madeira

adriatik: first fig plant from cutting
                                                            potted 4 months ago
various turkish fig
          hardening off rooted cutting
brunswick,hardy chicago, texas blue giant,sal's gene, black berbera


  1. banyaknye janis! Di Malaysia saya pernah lihat di Jeniang, Kedah. Lihat dalam facebook Sinar Utara Agrofarm. Pokok fig nya telah berbuah

  2. tanam banyak jenis supaya berbuah sepanjang tahun, warna buah juga berbagai, hijau, purple, hitam, merah, nampak menarik.

  3. Berapa harga jual keratan fig?

  4. cutting fig ada nak jual ke? kalau ada email saya

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  6. saya nak tanya kalau ada jual anak atau cutting black madeira :) :) :)
    blh email saya di

  7. Tuan, saya ingin tanya kalau tuan ada keratan Black Madeira untuk dijual. Sila email saya di
    Terima kasih.

  8. `Saya nak tempah anak benih black madeira. Berapa harga?