Thursday, 25 October 2012

Vanilla, Root and salad

My one year old vanilla orchid. Hope it will flower soon. Imagine having my own vanilla pod for cooking.

I love parsnip and celeriac however i couldn’t get it here.  Here’s my solution: grow it! I succeed in my quest but despite this healthy looking parsnip the root was infected with nematodes.                
             Whatever the outcome, it is one good looking plant minus the root :-))


Another one of my favourite for salad, rocket

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hot pepper

Asian dishes wouldn't be complete without piping hot pepper  in it. I have a few varieties grown in a pot for daily use. These are various hot pepper species that i grow. It is free, easily available( pick it when i want to use it in my cooking) and it is way healthier ( no pesticide, organic and gardening is a form of exercise too).

This bird eye hot pepper is only 2 cm in length

locally known as" chili cendol" because of its long slender tapering shape

purple chili 

round purple chili
pearly shape chili, unknown cultivar

self seeded chili from seed thrown by my mum

I have a few unknown variety in various stage of growth, will update when the fruit is ripe


I really love rose, used to have 23 species, most of it died after i left it under my mum care despite her tender loving care. I do not know the name of the cultivar, but i do appreciate it beauty. 

Now is the monsoon season, the weather is quite cold in the tropic, For the first time the rose gives me so many bloom at once. Most are fragrant.
very big bud
a saucer size bloom



Monday, 22 October 2012

My fail experiment

All is not bed of roses in my garden. My love for temperate flower has led me to start experiment with it.  These are the conclusion:-

 Total failure:  Freesia never sprout, Ranunculus sprouted in the fridge, it dried up slowly after i brought it out, delphinium & larkspur never germinate 


Failure is partially contribute by neglect during my illness: Hollyhock, foxgloves (Aphid love it), statice.



Failure because i do not know how to care for it beyond germinating it:  Nigella damascene, Pride of Madeira

Nigella damascena at the top and bottom
Pride of Madeira

Failure because i sow it at wrong time: Sweet pea, it grows for about one metre before heat kills it
sweet pea fragrant ripple