Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A gift from dear friend: Buddleia Davidii

My good blogger friend gave me her extra buddleia davidii or butterfly bush plant when i visited her in July. I have tried to grow this plant from seeds so many times but so far none of the seeds germinate. Thanks a million Kak A for your gift.  It had bloom and produce pink flower. It is said to be fragrant but i never detect its fragrances even when my nose is only mere centimetre from it! My aim now is to get black knight variety

spike of flowerbuds

nice small flower

Monday, 20 October 2014

black berbera : the sweetest fig

Of all the varieties of fig that i grow which is already fruiting Black Berbera is the tastiest and the sweetest. This is also the most expensive variety that i bought followed by black madeira.Both are from Portugal. This is the main crop, unfortunately since the plant is small it only bear 2 fruits.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Rarely mentioned flower

I’ve grown this rose moss since i started gardening which was donkey years ago because it is easily available and easy to grow.  Initially i started with deep purple and pink bicolour. Subsequently my collection grows as more hybrids become available. This creeper is not easily killed as long as it is not overwatered.
I rarely get to enjoy its flower because it blooms when i was at work and already wilted when i reach home. Furthermore sheep really enjoyed it.  Recently i repotted it and move it to the front yard. Today I’m not working and managed to snap its photo in full blooms. Enjoy!

Friday, 12 September 2014

White Brooklyn Italian

That is the name given to a variety of fig that i grow.  I bought this cutting from Israel; the seller bought this cutting from USA who in turn got it from an Italian immigrant who settled in Brooklyn a long time ago.  And now its progeny made Malaysia its home. This is a white fig variety, medium eye, big size and most importantly it is sweet and prolific. Due to climatic difference this fig is not white but yellowish brown  with  red blush. Its fruit is beautiful as well as flavourful, very much enjoyed by my 13 months old daughter.

prolific tree

red blush on  ripe fruit

leaf has 5 finger like lobe

Ripe figs show skin crack

sweet and juicy amber coloured flesh


Ahem! any more ripe fig on the tree?