Friday, 31 May 2013

White and red calla

Two of my callas made her presence known yesterday. It is the tallest calla which reach  the height of 3 feet.
It has produce white flower with dark throat, the contrast between the color is very attractive. I hope it will attract pollinator and will produce many seed which can be sown to produce more calla , hopefully in different colour.

attractive lance like spotted  leaves

Attractive color

 white with black throat: very pure and untouched

i really love this yellow calla: very cheerful

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Purple ruffles basil

I’ve 9 varieties of basil; this is my favourite because it is beautiful as well as edible. And it does not require much care other than daily watering during hot and dry season. The leave is purple and large; twice the size of sweet basil and it has ruffled edge hence the name. I only grow 4 varieties at one time, each at different corner of the house to prevent cross pollination, so far so good. This basil will emit a sarsi/coke/pepsi like smell when it is bruised and it taste milder than lemon basil.

Purple ruffles and crimson king basil

the leaves started to turn purplish

Finally it look like in a seed katalog

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Kelantan food fest

Kelantan Food fest is held from 25th May to 1st of June. What it got to do with gardening? Nothing!, except in addition to  food ,decorative  plants, fruit tree and many types of flower are being  sold.  Since i'm a picky eater, my focus is definitely plants/flower. I went there on friday morning after i finish my work.  There were many selection of flowers but orchids were being sold  at every stand. I bought 15 types of orchids to add to my collection and 4 pots af adenium obesum.


rm 20/pot

RM 5/ cutting

rm 20/pot

rm 20/ pot

rm 60 to rm x00

rm 12/cutting

rm 20/pot
rm 5/ cutting

Friday, 24 May 2013

Just plain yellow and pink

Again yellow and pink gladiolus, however this cultivar has no name. On the corm package it is just written yellow and pink gladiolus. Unlike nova lux which has slightly reddish throat, this one is totally yellow. As for pink gladiolus it lacks the dark pink striae on the edge  which present in Priscilla cultivar.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mustard (Sawi cina Ong King)

This is another type of green mustard that i grew. It has thin, curly light yellow leaves which are very crunchy and white stem. It can be eaten raw in a salad or cooked. Unlike other green mustard which prefers full sun, Ong King Chinese mustard prefers partial shade. (The growth is stunted until i move it to partial shade)

last week


Monday, 20 May 2013

Rangoon creeper

This Rangoon creeper is outside my mum’s bedroom window which is a blessing. She was bedridden for 6 weeks due to nerve problems. It is flowering nonstop since last 2 months, keeping my mother's company. When the window is opened a sweet scent fill her room. Surprisingly more flower bud is forming; a promise of more blooms will follow.

Season of red, pink and yellow

     Since early this month my garden are dominated red, pink and yellow colour. So this month’s posting is related to this colour. Earlier on my post feature either pink or yellow gladiolus, more gladiolus bloom is on its way.
      Today it is still about yellow. I’m very lucky that all calla tuber that i plant remain healthy, some already reach the flowering stage. This is the second calla lily that is blooming, the first one is still there, and the bloom is already 2 weeks old.  4 days ago the spathe is still upright and curled, today it is leaning sideway and fully opened showing its dark throat in full splendour.

calla " lucifer" partially hidden

beautiful bright yellow flower

calla lucifer and mango

This morning close up view  from the side

'mango' surrounded by lavendar