Friday, 7 April 2017

banana /plantain

            I plant these bananas nearing the completion of my house. It keeps the weeds down, save money on herbicide and i got to eat the fruit  too, every week a bunch or two will ripe. Talk about killing a bird with a stone. Up to date i have planted 10   varieties of banana and plantain: kelat keling. Nangka, tanduk, mas, berangan , raja, lemak manis, abu, susu, raksa (i do not know the name other than what it is called by local). I’m waiting for these promised varieties from family and friends; Pisang bunga, pisang wangi and one variety from Sabah. I’m looking for pisang embun and Cavendish

view fom balcony

some are recently planted

variety Abu on top, raja (ripe)

variety susu


  1. saya tanam jenis yg saya mkn je nak mengelakkan dari kepupusan. banyak jenis diambil dari rumah saudara mara diluar kelantan