Thursday, 28 August 2014

long overdue post : grapes

I’ve six grape vines, four of which unknown variety which i bought in Cameron highland and the other 2 are Muscat Hamburg and Alphonse Lavelle. The vines were neglected until i hard prune it in early may because it blocks the sunray from my potted plant.  One of the vines started fruiting at the end of May and ripens just a few days before Eid ul Fitri celebration. Since i never fertilized my grape vines the fruit is smaller than supermarket bought grapes. Every evening my daughter and i will pluck up a few grapes off the vines and pop it in to her mouth.  The grapes were very sweet.  Our activity lasted for a week until my niece who returns home discovers it! Three weeks ago i hard pruned the vines again.  Two of the vines are setting fruit while the rest are showing green bud. Each of those buds will produce several shoots that grow leaves and flowers. This time i fertilize my vines.

newly formed grapes

grapes  getting bigger

ripe grapes

stalk left behind

this photo are taken today 3 weeks after hard pruning

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