Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sunflower: Update

These sunflower are very happy despite prolong drought, the main flower are full with seeds (i wish) since the stem supporting the flower is bending down. Flowers from the other branches are slightly smaller. Each plant produces 4-5 flowers. In the meantime i nalready prepare the dirt for growing other variety so i have succession of sunflower without fear of cross pollination.

bended heavy flowerhead
dead basil twig for compost

Black Madeira

This is black Madeira fig, one of the flavorful figs (need to educate my palate to appreciate its finer taste of fig). One of the figs ripe 10 days ago, taste was good but it is not as sweet as it is supposed to be because my mum overwaters the plant which causes the fruit to split.

The first of many

less than 3 inches plant already fruiting
more figlet

and more

and more

Monday, 21 April 2014

Sal's gene

I love fresh fig but doesn’t everybody? I start my fig planting adventure in August last year after i stumbled across a blog from Indonesia regarding growing fig. My only regret is that i do not know that fig will do well in tropical region during my stay in Europe otherwise i’ll bring home cuttings then. Right now i have 30 varieties of figs and almost 100 plants.  I bought the cutting mostly from Europe and US.
After mothering my baby fig for almost 9 months finally i’m being rewarded by healthy plants in various stages of growth and fruiting.  Yesterday i ate my first ripe fig; the fruit is really sweet and juicy. I can only describe it as yummy J))  Another variety will ripen in next few days. After this i can eat fig year round as planned.

Sal's gene fig variety

close up view

dark, medium size fig, closed eye

sweet and juicy

Just colourful leaves

Too busy to write,  just wanted to share  beautiful and colourful leaves of caladium in my garden. I have a few more varieties which i do not include because the leaves are very ugly looking right now. (plant scratched by crazy cock)

pink symphony,  gingerland & ?

caladium red flash,

caladium lance whorton

caladium red flash and blaze

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Early russian sunflower

This is my favourite sunflower. I love the contrast between green centre and yellow petal. It’s like a “halo”.  petals are also double  When its growth requirement is fulfilled it will realise its full potential.