Wednesday, 1 August 2012

my herbs

What should i have in my herb garden? I’ll definitely grow a few types of Asian and Mediterranean herbs.

I love using thymes and rosemary in my cooking. I tried to grow thymes but it was a total failure. Will try again later.  As for my Rosemary, it is doing great.  But still no flower.   Any ideas how long do it takes for it to bloom? It loves morning sun and sandy soil.

My mint in a pot. Have used it a few times to cook beryani rice. It will last forever if you continuously propagate a few cutting.


  1. Rosemary survives better than lavender in my garden. They look quite similar in appearance but smell different ;-)

    I notice that the stems of my mint plant tend to droop as they get older. Now, I am trying to grow some from discarded cuttings / fresh stumps leftover from my dish preparation in the kitchen.

    Don't give up on thyme yet.

    1. I purposely run my hand through lavender/rosemary leaves when i pass by it. I love its smell on my hand). My mint is also like yours. I'm not surprised since it has a spreading habit. I’ll definitely try to grow thyme again next year.