Tuesday, 20 November 2012


In addition to local fruits i also love to eat berry, my legacy from a stint in Europe. Try to grow berry (raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and strawberry).
Despite doing all that i can to simulate its natural condition, only a few strawberries germinate.

 This strawberry seedling is the sole survivor of caterpillars attack.

This strawberry plant has produced  runners. Now i have 7 pots of strawberry plant . However after 5 months there is still no fruit!

  But i have mulberry which is the favourite of house sparrow. Most of the time they   end up with bigger share than me.

I also have seedling of local berry ( pokok kemunting) . It is very slow growing; i wonder how long it will take before I can taste the fruit of my labour. 



  1. How do you actually grow the strawberries from seeds?mind if you share?I have tried. manage to germinate them but they will then dried out and died..sedih :(

    1. It sound like you strawberry seedling is infected by fungal( mildew)I bought stratified seeds, I just sow it and wait for it to germinate. Strawberry are hardy, once it germinates. Make sure that the medium where you sow contain sterile peat ( you can buy it in ' kedai peladang'). Keep the medium damp but not wet and under partial shade (water it in the morning, not necessarily everyday. Once it has 2 true leaves plant it in it's permanent position. I use equal amount of mineral soil and compost.