Sunday, 11 August 2013

Turkish Fig

My Turkish friend spent the fasting month and celebrates Eid Mubarak in my house. His wife and his 3 children arrive a few days before fasting months and he arrives a few days before Eids. Since i start growing fig i asked him to bring fig cutting from Turkey for me but his father told him that fig will not grow from cutting. Imagine my surprise when he gave me 2 fig seedlings (in a polybag) instead of cutting that i asked for! It is really amazing how he can bring these fig seedlings as hand luggage, carrying it all the way from Turkey to Malaysia and not being caught by authority. Sadly he does not know what cultivar it is but the fruit is for sure not purple. I hope this fig is self pollinating. Thanks Mevlut for the fig seedlings.

Turkish fig
grown from cutting

And these are the self pollinating fig that is grown from cutting. Only  50% of cutting rooting and growing shoot, the rest of the cutting become mouldy during shipping and rot after a few days. But considering the cost of buying fig seedling, this method is still cheaper.  The big seedling is Adriatic and the other one is conadria. A few more cutting is growing shoot (white patlican, calimyrna, abacou, adriatik and conadria)


  1. Ooo, so the strike rate is 50%, not bad at all. Calimyrna is a Smyrna fig grown in California, and I believe they require pollination - caducous type (needs a male caprifig plant and wasps). Abicou is San Piero aka California Brown Turkey (NOT Brown Turkey) aka San Pedro. It is a San Pedro type (intermediate type) - breba needs no pollination (in Californian climate), the main does under certain condition.

  2. Thanks for your comment.From my reading smyrna fig needs pollination, however these fig is successfully fruiting in Indonesia, i do not think indonesia has fig wasp. It is imported by california grower from turkey.

    1. Wow, we must learn how they do it. Too bad our agricultural dept not as willing to experiment like in indonesia.