Saturday, 11 January 2014

Left over veggie

            I finally get tired of waiting for arugulas to produce seeds. After 15 months today i decided to pull out arugulas and use the pots to grow other veggie. After cleaning the first pot i notice flower bud in second pot. My curiosity spares the arugulas life in second pot.

small flower bud

This red giant mustard is almost 2 months old, I’ve eaten the rest, and this is the only one which is left behind. I’m still undecided whether to eat it or to let it go to seed. Young the mustard is spicy, and i think the spiciness get stronger as it matures.

Purple sprouting broccoli peeking in between red giant mustard leaves

Newly planted:2 weeks old red giant mustard

Gardening is good for the body and soul. It also teaches me a few life lessons.  Patience is a virtue. Do not be afraid to experiment, failed or made new discovery even if it appear insignificant.  Arugula is suppose to bolt when temperature get high but after 8 months  of hot summer and 2 monsoon season  only it decide to flower. My advice for those who plant arugula in the tropics is to pick it when it still young as it get  spicier as it aged and be prepared to buy new seeds each time you want to plant it

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