Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Black Madeira

This is black Madeira fig, one of the flavorful figs (need to educate my palate to appreciate its finer taste of fig). One of the figs ripe 10 days ago, taste was good but it is not as sweet as it is supposed to be because my mum overwaters the plant which causes the fruit to split.

The first of many

less than 3 inches plant already fruiting
more figlet

and more

and more


  1. Well done for growing it. It is a very exotic plant in my belief, that I would not even dream about growing it, but Iguess, it is possible:)

  2. Madeira island have lots of gardens including plants of figs.To visit such gardens find out madeira prices to have a live look of fig plans and gardens at Madeira.