Friday, 2 May 2014

Shades of Purple

Other than red, yellow and pink, purple is another colour that appears in my garden lately.  One of them is my favourite flower: purple aster because it is perennial and do not require any care other than daily watering

deep purple aster

2nd pot of deep purple aster

summer purple brocolli- still waiting for brocolli to form

Kohlrabi purple vienna
desert petunia

purple chili
purple vanda

purple dendrobium

deep purple dendrobium

purple balsam

purple chrysenthemum

purple renanthera (orchid)


  1. Wow! Up till now, I've never seen any locals growing aster or chrysanthemum. Your flowers are beautiful! I'm actually trying to grow aster powder puff. It's been more than a week and I see nothing yet. Not sure if they're still germinating or I've somehow killed them. =/ Do these two plants require special care?

    1. Perennial aster do not require special care as long as it has enough water and sunlight. Powder puff aster is an annua . usually it will germinate within 5-7 days. I think your seed is already dead that is why it is still no sign or germination after a week. I suggest you buy this year seed. Thompson and Morgan is a good place to order seeds, so far my germination rate between 80-90%.
      Chrysanthemum needs regular fertilizer and partial shade, I notice purple, yellow and white performed very well in the lowland tropic.

    2. I see, maybe you're right. The seeds might already be dead but I've still got quite a bit of aster seeds left so I'll try to use cold stratification method to germinate them and see how it goes. And thanks for the tips. Much appreciated!