Sunday, 1 September 2013


         I sow this snapdragon seeds in March last year, i guess i do not sow it at the right time (it was a hottest month in the east coast) because the germination rate is only 30%. The first time i sow it, none germinates. (During the monsoon season!) But snapdragon is very hardy; it is the plant that thrives on neglect (as long as it has enough water). This is Rocket mix which is a mix which includes shades of bronze, lemon, orchid, pink, red, rose, white and yellow coloured  flower. The height can reach 3 feet  and the flowering period is quite long. It starts blooming in June and 2 weeks ago i harvested its small seeds, while the other flower spike starts blooming. This is a fragrant snapdragon and i can smells its soft scent in the evening.

         Now the temperature is less hot with and the night temperature is colder too compared with a few months ago. So, for the 3rd time i sow it a week ago. Surprisingly the germination rate is more than 90%. For those who live in east coast, this is the best time to sow it. 

Pink "Rocket"  snapdragon
dry seed pod
a week old snapdragon mixed

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