Saturday, 14 September 2013

Wild Orchid from Borneo

I went to Kota Kinabalu last Saturday to attend a 5 days course. I deliberately went a day earlier so that i can go to my favourite haunt, an old lady at tamu in Gaya street whom sell wild orchid. The first time i bought orchids from her was 7 years ago. Some is thriving while some were perish when i left home for further study. This time there were not many species sold, but i managed to get 4 species of slipper orchid and 6 other species.  The price is between $15 to $20 each, much cheaper than in Peninsular.

wild orchid that i brought from sabah

Slipper orchid with flower bud

what i manage to pot today

4 species of slipper orchid, will pot it next weekend

The rest of the orchids, will be potted next weekend.


  1. owh..i didnt know Sabah byk orchid! bestnya... but Lynn tak berapa confident nak tanam..mahal lak tu. Rizal jer yg byk beli..Apa beza wild orchid dgn yg biasa dijual kat nursery ya?

    1. harganya lebih murah dan banyak species orkid liar yg tak di jual kat nurseri, 2 spesis je dari orkid liar ni di jual kat nurseri, tu pun jarang jarang jumpa, bunganya ada yg menarik dan ada yg pelik, penjagaan susah sikit sbb dia dah biasa microclimate hutan, bila kita tanam kena heat srtess.