Sunday, 1 December 2013

Busy month

It’s been a month since i last blogging. As usual time is my biggest constrain. My newly built house is supposed to be finished in March 2014. I planned to finish doing the landscaping on the side where the house is situated within next 2 months. I fence the land and divided it into 2 plots, one plot is for my house and one plot is for my fruit orchard and my brother’s nursery.

These photos were taken 6 weeks ago while the fence is still under construction.

Viem from the side

view from the front

view from the back
 Last one month during the weekend i was busy planting fruit tree since it is a raining season (less work since i do not have to water my newly planted fruit tree).  So far i managed to plant 4  musang king durian plants, 4 types of mango plant (harum manis, lemak manis, 2 unknown species which the fruit taste so good.), 2 kuinin and many more. I also managed to plant 600 pineapples plant around the fence perimeter,over the whole perimeter (850 feet). Between a 9-5 job, a 2 months old niece whose mother left in my care until she is well enough to care for her herself and weekend part time farmer i’m just too tired  to switch on the computer. Anyway i managed to capture many flower in my garden which are blooming.

2 rows of pineapple plant

my brother is planting durian



  1. Congratulations for your new house! Now I think that you have more space for your garden so i'm curious how it will look (your new garden).:)

    1. i'll keep updating it in my blog. did you buy many bulbs from your vacation in Holland?

  2. Yes I bought some tulip, iris and anemone bulbs. I can't wait too see them blooming in April.:)