Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Roses doppelganger

white green lisianthus

I couldn’t help myself when i saw these lisianthus, i must have it. So i end up with 2 pots. It brings back fond memory of spring in Europe. I love to go to street market to admire various types of cut flowers and to buy lisianthus and calla lily. I know it is not fragrant but i still love it.

The flower bud and flower look like roses minus the thorn and fragrance. I sow lisiantus a few months back, the germination rate is about 75% but its growth is very slow. When i went outstation, my mum forgets to water it.  That is the short history of my sojourn to grow lisianthus.


  1. macam mana nak jaga yer.. aritu lepas abes bunga, anak2 die dh x tinggi...

    1. lepas habis berbunga, jaga anaknya biar hidup, bila suhu panas pokok tu tak akan membesar, bila suhu rendah (pantai timur musim tengkujuh) sikit dia akan membesar semula.