Saturday, 1 April 2017

rangoon creeper

Last 2 years was very hectic. I was taking care of growing up very active beautiful daughter, my elderly parents, a job which sometimes extend beyond normal working hour, an almost completed new house which stalled due to contractor’s fault. Despite all that i still manage to keep up with my hobby although it is only a couple of hours a week instead of every day. Enough time to prevent my plant from dying but not enough to blog about it.

While monitoring the contractor was working on the house i manage to grow a few fruit trees, some already fruiting. After they finish i used the left over building material to build few structure like pergolas to grow my creeping vines

This Rangoon creeper is one of them. A hot sun and cool night encourage it to bloom profusely. Since it has a lot of blooms their normally mild sweet fragrant become quite strong.

the flower is pale because of too much shade

A few bouquets to add colour and perfumed the room


  1. Salam. Lama tak dengar berita ya. Welcomeback

  2. Salam. I wish to plant this plant. Where can I get it from? Pls advise. best regards.