Saturday, 9 February 2013

Achillea Ptarmia "Double Diamond"

Today i'm writing about my successful experiment.  I order this seeds because it was on sale. Little did i know that it will steal a piece of my heart, I’m totally in love with this plant. Its name befitting its white  dainty fully double flower; Achillea Ptarmia “Double Diamond”

The germination rate was about 75 percent, it is not fussy, doesn’t mind a few days of wet feet during the monsoon, it is a tough plant; to kill and to hate:-)) It bring forth its first bloom after 4 month of sowing. It is perennial and I’m hoping it will get bushier next year.

2 weeks ago

the first 2 blooms are still fresh


  1. Looks really pretty. I have to see if it can be grown here in the US or not.

    1. i think it will grow since i bought the seeds from UK, and it is perennial too.