Thursday, 14 February 2013

Double flower balsam

This is an easy flower to grow. I only have to plant it once, and   it will self seeded. I fertilize the seedlings once in a while. It grows in full sun in less fertile soil. Its double purple blooms are really beautiful. This is very hardy plant, despite been pounded relentlessly by heavy rain during the monsoon season, it is standing tall and producing mass of beautiful flowers.
Lone african marigold bloom in between the balsam



  1. Hi, do you happened to keep the seed for both colors? Can sell it to me please.....

  2. The purple flowers are gorgeous! I love the color! :)

  3. lynnhelite: saya ni sibuk dan malas nak kutip benih.Kalau nak order pergi kat blog adik saya Kalau lynn sanggup tunggu cili purple tu masak nanti saya tumpangkan benih cili yang saya janjikan hari tu dgn order lynn. Hari tu cili rosak sbb hujan dan lalat buah, skrg nampak ada 2 biji yg dah nak masak dan buah pun nampak elok.

    Dewberry: actually i'm tired of purple, last 2 weeks i've only purple/burgandy colour
    orchid, petunia, carnation, balsam etc.