Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Long blooming hydrangea

After almost 2 years finally my hydrangea blessed me with purple blossom.
Three months later it still doesn’t give up to keeping its bloom even though the petal turns greenish hue.   

this photo is taken today


  1. Your hydrangea is very beautiful!I tried to plant a hydrangea in my garden but it didn't resist over the winter:(

  2. You should prune it in fall and mulch it, i think you know it already:-)))when i live in Europe i was very jealous of gardener there, they have different flower for every season, the hydrangea blooming like crazy during late spring & summer, unlike here it blooms year round and last very long. The same flower now turning green in colour.

  3. do you have any tips to make hydrangea flowering, n the best place to grow it? under full sun or partial?

  4. keep the plant well watered, moist growing media with good drainage. Put it under partial shade, mine only get morning sun, i fertilize it 3 times a year after i prune it.