Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hot pepper

Asian dishes wouldn't be complete without piping hot pepper  in it. I have a few varieties grown in a pot for daily use. These are various hot pepper species that i grow. It is free, easily available( pick it when i want to use it in my cooking) and it is way healthier ( no pesticide, organic and gardening is a form of exercise too).

This bird eye hot pepper is only 2 cm in length

locally known as" chili cendol" because of its long slender tapering shape

purple chili 

round purple chili
pearly shape chili, unknown cultivar

self seeded chili from seed thrown by my mum

I have a few unknown variety in various stage of growth, will update when the fruit is ripe


  1. First time tengok purple chilly, tadi ptg jenguk2 gak kat Tesco & Mydin tapi tak jumpa benihnya..

    1. Memang tak da jual benih cili, saya pun sepupu yg beri, nanti ada biji saya poskan sbb skrg ni cili banyak rosak sblm masak.
      sabarlah nenunggu:-))

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