Friday, 5 October 2012

The beauty of gardening in the tropic

Gardening in the tropic has many advantages, but it also has many shortcomings. Today’s blog is about its advantage. My house is surrounded by various fragrant shrub and its flowering year round since tropic only has hot season with occasional heavy rainfall.  Different shrub has different scent ranging from lightly scented to very strong heady fragrant. Below are the flower with strong scent.
cananga odorata
Michelia alba

                                                        vallabris glabra
                             Jasminum sambac (Duke of tuscany)

Magnolia coco

This is the king of fragrant flower. A bloom is enough to perfume a   room .            
michelia coco

These are flower with lightly fragrant bloom
                                             murraya paniculata

wrightia regiliosa





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