Thursday, 25 October 2012

Vanilla, Root and salad

My one year old vanilla orchid. Hope it will flower soon. Imagine having my own vanilla pod for cooking.

I love parsnip and celeriac however i couldn’t get it here.  Here’s my solution: grow it! I succeed in my quest but despite this healthy looking parsnip the root was infected with nematodes.                
             Whatever the outcome, it is one good looking plant minus the root :-))


Another one of my favourite for salad, rocket


  1. I like to add parsnip in kurma. My mother grow them before and balik kampung for 1 month. Ducks and Geese enjoyed the parsnip root.

    1. i love it in salad (raw) and it is also one of the ingredients in my sauce. Do you know anything that can kill the nematod? My celeriac and parsnip is showing the sign of impending death.

  2. Hi there, what variety is your vanilla? Did you plant it from cuttings or from seed form? Where did you source it from?

    Since it's been some months now....... any updates on it and has it grown any longer or had a flower or pods yet?

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for visiting my blog. This is Vanilla Planifolia, I grew it from cutting, My uncle bought it in Pahang but i do not know where.

      It grew more than 7 feet already and i keep cutting it to make it shorter since i'll plant it in a permanent position (another house) early next year, Now i have many plant from the cutting, no flower yet.

  3. Do u sale vanilla from cutting?