Saturday, 5 January 2013

Brocolli and salad seedlings

 I usher in a first month of 2013 with crop  failures. (Talking like a  farmer who has acres of farms:-))). For 6 weeks it was raining non- stop in my state, as a result thousands of people had to be evacuated due to flood. Luckily my village is not involves. This is the first time the weather is so unpredictable and the downpour is very heavy. ( Blame it on global warming). My plant were not as lucky as my village, some of them died because of  mildew,  some because of overwatering (nature too generous) and last but not  least : it becomes a sheep lunch courtesy of a neighbour from hell. ( He let loose of his sheep so that he did not have to feed it.)

This photo was taken 4 weeks ago
2 weeks old Packman brocolli,cardinale summer crisp lettuce and onion

2 weeks old Packman brocolli, red oakleaf lettuce and onion

 3 weeks old, the brocolli has outgrown the lettuce

This is what photo is taken after the devastation by the sheeps (i know it sound dramatic!)  

An empty pot 

 The reason for the empty pot

leafleess red amaranth

 my once lush  blooming dahlia

 long bean eaten by ants

On the happier note, my mum manage to save a box of  packman brocolli (1 st photo)

  5 weeks old, not much growth for last 2 weeks

All 11 pots of my pineapple is fruiting

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