Sunday, 20 January 2013

Special harvest: gladiolus corm and cormels

 I should write about the veggie that i harvest but i cannot resist writing about my special harvest. I plant this gladiolus successively since May 2012 and been harvesting the corm and cormels since Okt 2012. In the tropic, gladiolus does not go dormant.  Today i dig out all the corms. Next week I’ll plant more corms that i dug out earlier.
the last of gladiolus corms


waiting for this cormels to get bigger

finally, larger cormels


  1. I do the same :) I always collect small cormels, I let them to dry a bit, then put them in the ground in the spring and they grow many leaves, but no flowers. I think that in a year maybe I can get some flowers :)

    1. According to my reading it only flowers when the size of corms is more than 1 inch. So it will take 2 to 3 years before it flower.We gardener are very patients :-)