Thursday, 17 January 2013

Garlic Vines

My garlic vine is flowering for a second time since i planted it a year ago. It flowers 3 months ago but i only realise it when it was already wilted. It is a gift from my friend whom gave me 2 cutting.  I love seeing it progress from flower bud to its full bloom.
Today my curiosity gets the better of me; i smell the flower. Surprisingly it is sweet smelling with occasional garlic accent. Hmm, interesting!

This is the most attractive stage ; purple tipped bud

a day later: petals partially unfolded

in full bloom
close-up view


  1. It looks so beautiful! I'm impressed. Greetings from Poland :) Pozdrowienia z Polski!

    1. thanks for visiting my blog, Hope you enjoy it

  2. where you find ranunculus and freesia????i love them so much but my house only have hyacinths

    1. a gift from a very good friend. She bought it in Holland. None of 150 bulbs of freesia sprout, all 10 tuber of ranunculus sprout it the fridge, after i brought it out the heat kill it.