Sunday, 27 January 2013

Petunia double cascade mix

Love at first sight. That was how to describe my feelings when i go through the catalogue for trailing petunia. I sow the seeds when the sky was overcast during the monsoon season. Usually it is like  late spring / early summer weather  but this time it rains for six weeks with few hours interval. The germination rate was 70%, however only 2 seedlings survive from damping off. Three days ago, it show off its first bloom, 2 flowers today. The flower is huge, 10cm and look like carnation.

this morning: it is not really blue but more like purple
  This is a double cascade blue petunia.

At 8 o’clock tonight i went out to admire the flower, couldn’t believe that it is full moon already. 

2 hours ago: full moon

 The progress of the other seedling will be updated. In the meantime, enjoy the photos


  1. I've never sow petunia seeds yet. I always buy petunias from the garden centers. Your petunias look great! I love the colour! :)

    1. Garden centre does not have double petunia; it is easy to grow from seed

  2. i tried twice, sadly it didnt sprout at all...

    1. The germination rate is about 70%, however once it germinate it is very easy to care. You need good seed for good germination, the seeds is very fine hence I bought pelleted seeds from US. Surprisingly this petunia is not only beautiful but fragrant as well. Try again, it worth the effort.