Friday, 7 June 2013

Double cascade blue petunia

So much for experiment! I take cuttings from my can can series and cascade blue petunia so that they are bushier which translate to more blooms and more plants if the cutting survive. However both were dead and none of the cutting made it.  Two plants are in intensive care since 5 days ago after i change the planting medium because of fertilizer overdose.  I pray they will pull through. Today they look a little bit better than yesterday  The one in the controlled arm (nothing is done other than daily watering) is doing very well albeit with a single bloom :-(

 tomorrow it will be in full bloom

my version of intensive care



  1. Good luck! Can not wait to see it in full bloom.

  2. @Erin. The tall one is dead already
    @Na: yes, definitely gorgeous
    @ Tukang kebun: I think so too, bright & blue, my favourite colour.