Tuesday, 18 June 2013

yard long bean

I've been growing this bean for so many years .I love it because it is thin and very long, the longest is at 26 inch. The seeds were given to me by my aunt. I grow my veggie in very big pot (18 inch diameter). As usual i put sheep manure and dried grass in the bottom half of the pot and commercially prepared growing media in the upper half. The first plant that i grew in this pot was sweet corn, followed by tomato then sweet corn again. Then i grow this yard long bean. This time i put a tad too much sheep manure i guess, because the bean look very happy and the leaves are dark green. Last week i have a good chat with my bean plant, this is what i told the plant “today i cut a few of your leaves, if you do not flower by next week, I’ll turn you into compost. Four days ago i saw a few flower buds.

2 days old yardlong bean
today, 4 days old

23.5 inch long


  1. ooo really, they listen to you...amazing!

  2. Yes, it works. First time I tried it with my orchid, 14 yrs & not A single flower, a week after threatened it the flower bud appear!