Monday, 24 June 2013


Now it is the turn of Tarahumara, the centre is green and the petal will change from light to darker yellow. Sunflower is my favourite flower, its yellow colour bring cheer and tranquillity to my hectic life. Now I’ve about 25 types of sunflower which is waiting for their turn to be planted.


  1. That looks lovely!! I've planted mine and its still small but I see small flower bud forming. and I just pinch them off. is that normal? do you pinch them? mine is very small and thin, its abt 30cm only.

  2. Dya, tarahumara sunflower will produce many sideshoot, so you'll have many sunflower in a healthy plant.There are sunflower cultivar which only produce a single flowerhead like early russian, which you have to pinch if you want many blooms but your flower will be smaller.

    sunflower is heavy feeder, so you need to fertilize it frequently and you need to grow it under full sun.tarahumara is only 4 feet tall, i think its growth requoirement is not fulfilled hence a thin plant

    1. Hi sis.. kat mana nk dapatkan secara online benih bunga matahari yg macam2 sampai 25 jenis tu? Saya nak try tanam kat halaman rumah

    2. dan

  3. Those look great. I am researching a few different types of sunflowers since our Mammoths are doing so well this year. I can not decide on which ones to plant next year. At least I have plenty of time to choose.