Friday, 15 March 2013

Purple hot pepper

I used to have 3 species of purple hot pepper, one already extinct from my garden. One is totally dark purple and has round fruit. The other one has green leaves with a purple vein, has a tinge of purple flower and purple long tapering fruit. Both are red when ripe.

pepper plant: all purple

round fruit and beautiful purple flower

 scarlet round fruit

flower with tinge of purple

green leaf with purple vein


  1. Do u still have them...?? i want seeds of them...pleeeaaase.... errrmmm exchange...i have Numex Twilight...purple...errmmm but my purple is not as dark as yours... then the chillies turn yellow...then orange and finally red...when the plant is full of fruit at different stages...itz really colourful n lovely...

  2. email me your address, i'll send both round and taper purple chili seeds.