Monday, 25 March 2013

Fruit of my labour : Tomato

I wonder how the other blogger manage to take photos of ripe tomato on the plant, i really  love tomato, it become a herculean task to wait until it is really ripe  to take photos so i can upload it in my blog, this is the best i can do. It is a spontaneous reflex to pluck the tomato from the plants and straight into my mouth before my brain register that i have to take a photo!:-)

This is the best i can do, almost ripe tomato


  1. gambar half ripe ni pun ok..berjaya make me want to plant it again..:D

    1. Ha!ha!ha! Lepas tomato tu posing terus makan:-))

  2. tomato always the favourite! mmg sedap mkn mentah, selalu berebut dgn anak2. Mkn tomato byk blh cantikkan kulit, tak payah nak beli masker mahal2. Ambil tomato + telur + honey. Gerenti kulit licin!