Friday, 22 March 2013

Bicentanary Sunflower

I'm confused! Do the 2 photos of sunflower look the same? The first photo is bicentenary sunflower, the photo was taken yesterday. The 2nd photo i initially thought was autumn beauty sunflower which was taken a month ago but now I’m not sure.  Maybe i mixed up my label


  1. Look alike but i think its not from the same species.. i had the same snenario. I read from Diana's blog, need to be careful on the seeds later, it might cross polinated and mixed up?

  2. lain tang tengah..yg 1st kecik..2nd besar

  3. haha, they look different to me. I've had the same problem, too. I just planted some sunflower seeds. Hopefully they look as pretty as those.