Saturday, 16 March 2013

My bulbs has arrives

Thanks to my friend Peter from Netherland who always has time to entertain his bulb crazy friend. I asked him to sent gladiolus corms to me. Yesterday i receives a 4.7 kg package containing gladiolus Peter pears, Nova lux, Accidenthera, nanus mix, mixed gladiolus, purple, red, Fidelio and Priscilla.  

various gladiolus cultivar

This year I’ll try to grow calla lily ( zantedeschia  ). Their colour are purple, yellow and mixed calla tuber (5 tubers). 

gladiolus and calla lily
.    Pink and white lily is also on the list since i've six tubers.

oriental lily pink & white, purple calla and glad.nanus


  1. wow.. that's a lot. how did it get through the customs? don't you need permit? I'm also trying to get my hands on gladi corm. can't wait to see your blooms.

  2. I've no problem with custom. Actually you need import permit if you buy in a large quantity. This is the 2nd time my friend post it in large package, so it is a gamble
    with the customs. You can look in my older post i put up many gladiolus flower photo, this time i add 5 more cultivars.

  3. What a beautiful gladiolus bulbs!In april I will go to Holland so maybe I'll come back with three suitcases of bulbs:))

  4. Lucky you! When you go to holland i think you'll not end up with gladiolus only.
    Lilies are beautiful too:-)))

  5. just wondering, do you sell this flower bulbs? especially calla...=)

  6. Visit www.jualjualbenih.blogspot. com. My sister sells bulbs and seeds. I'm monitoring the progress of calla that I grow. Iif it is suitable to grow here my Sis will advertise in her blog in mid/ late may. I'm waiting for another shipment from my friend, I'll sell it to you if he sends me calla tuber.