Thursday, 7 March 2013


I have 3 jackfruit trees. On the weekend it is my duty to wrap the young jackfruit otherwise fruit flies will cause it to rot when it is ripe to be eaten. For last 3 months i harvest up to 3 jackfruits a week, its weight range from 5 to 16 kg. My mum will cut it in few pieces, keep one or 2 pieces and give the rest to my neighbours.
I used to make a thick jackfruit jam and use it to make a jackfruit tart because my sister and brother love it. I love to eat this sweet tasting fruit when it is freshly pick. Today my father wants me to cook dessert. So here it is: Jackfruit and banana in sweetened coconut milk.

 young jackfruit
already wrapped, in various stage of maturity

Ripe fruit

this potion is for me

without the seeds

banana, jackfruit, palm sugar  and coconut milk

add glutinous rice = yummy desert


  1. I LOVE jackfruit, but have never tried it fresh. Will have to buy some at the Asian grocery store sometime.

    1. i hope it taste as good as freshly picked fruit