Sunday, 26 May 2013

Kelantan food fest

Kelantan Food fest is held from 25th May to 1st of June. What it got to do with gardening? Nothing!, except in addition to  food ,decorative  plants, fruit tree and many types of flower are being  sold.  Since i'm a picky eater, my focus is definitely plants/flower. I went there on friday morning after i finish my work.  There were many selection of flowers but orchids were being sold  at every stand. I bought 15 types of orchids to add to my collection and 4 pots af adenium obesum.


rm 20/pot

RM 5/ cutting

rm 20/pot

rm 20/ pot

rm 60 to rm x00

rm 12/cutting

rm 20/pot
rm 5/ cutting


  1. Wow! You bought so many orchids! :)

  2. Very pretty! I missed the garden shows here this year:(

  3. wait for FLORIA in Putrajaya this year..coming soon, start from 22nd June. Orchid is the Theme this year..