Friday, 10 May 2013

Italian white sunflower

Last few weeks was very sunny and hot, a suitable weather to grow sunflower and corn. 
Sunflower in my garden start blooming since late February. It started off with Giant sunflower, followed by bicentenary, teddy bear and Italian white. Taiyo, velvet queen, Mongolian giant and early Russian sunflower will follow next. I haven't decided what to plant after that since i have added 14 more variety to my seed bank. I grow it in succession to prevent it from cross pollinating and to ensure continues bloom.

  In the seed catalogue this sunflower look almost white with bright yellow halo surrounding the dark centre but the real sunflower is pale yellow. The colour contrast make this sunflower very attractive, this is one of my favourite.

almost like photo  in the seed catalog


  1. That looks lovely..I'm so jealous right now. Hope I have that here.hehe.That doesn't really look white right? more to pale yellow. Good job!!

  2. They look so inviting. We have a while until out little seeds and seedling will become a huge flower.

  3. @Dya: it is very easy to grow sunflower, you should try it. Sunflower bring cheer to the garden.

    @ i'm waiting for your huge sunflower before i sow my seeds., i have the seeds but i think i'll try other type first:-))