Monday, 20 May 2013

Season of red, pink and yellow

     Since early this month my garden are dominated red, pink and yellow colour. So this month’s posting is related to this colour. Earlier on my post feature either pink or yellow gladiolus, more gladiolus bloom is on its way.
      Today it is still about yellow. I’m very lucky that all calla tuber that i plant remain healthy, some already reach the flowering stage. This is the second calla lily that is blooming, the first one is still there, and the bloom is already 2 weeks old.  4 days ago the spathe is still upright and curled, today it is leaning sideway and fully opened showing its dark throat in full splendour.

calla " lucifer" partially hidden

beautiful bright yellow flower

calla lucifer and mango

This morning close up view  from the side

'mango' surrounded by lavendar


  1. calla lucifer plant really beautiful...

  2. They are growing so fast! My calla lilies are still only inches out of the ground.

  3. This calla 'lucifer' is absolutely stunning!

  4. @ erin:i believe it has something to do with temperature and humidity of the tropics. can't wait to see black star calla, it is more than 2 feet now.

    @dewberry & abdul razak: calla lucifer is stunning, i'll order more tuber since i love it very much

  5. nice calla, love the colours,,,=)