Wednesday, 15 May 2013


End of this year if everything is going according to plan i’ll move to a bigger compound ( an acre to be exact),  then i can gardening to my heart content.  Since last 2 years i’ve been making preparation for my dream garden namely collecting the plants so i’ll have a ready made garden.  And it is cheaper too. Enough of my musing, actually i want to blog  about edible garden

I love asparagus but fresh asparagus is not easily available. Recently i got hold of asparagus seeds. I sow it , most of the seed germinates on 6th day after sowing while some takes 8 days to emerge. Asparagus is very easy to grow and it grow quite fast too. Maybe it has something to do with our weather.

a week old seedlings
2 months old seedlings

2nd shoot
photo taken on 19/7/2013


  1. not in subang..i tried twice, failed! cuaca extreme hot agaknya..

  2. apa masaalahnya? tak tumbuh atau tumbesaran terbantut?

  3. Mana nak dapatkan seedsnya? Saya nak sangat tanam asparagus.

    1. www.

    2. Terima kasih, tak pernah jumpa tu

  4. Asparagus suka tempat direct sunlight atau redup? Tanah jenis apa ya?

  5. @ Dr H. masa semai tempat redup, bila dah tanam letak tempat panas. saya guna tanah jenama bagus, banyak kat nurseri.

    @ Lynn : mungkin sbb benih tak elok atau tanah semaian tak sesuai, saya pernah semai benih beli kat pasaraya, tak tumbuh satu pun, ni benih dari belanda.