Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cape Gooseberry golden nugget

This gooseberry plants are grown from seeds which i bought from Diana. Despite being very healthy and bearing so many fruit, so far i haven't taste it. There are so many whitish pests sucking the sap out of the stem and fruit. I usually kill it by pinching  since their body are soft, but lately the infestation is so severe. So yesterday i kill it with pesticide as a last resort.

seedling stage

2 weeks old

a month old

fruiting time

rotten fruit, can you see the white creature crawling ?

this plant is already 3 feet tall and still growing


  1. I like cape gooseberries they have this funny sweet-sour taste :)

  2. i like it too, home grown gooseberries are sweeter too unlike the one in the market.

  3. Salam, biasanya kalau semai biji benih ni brpe lama bru die bercambah? dan biasa gardener gne soil ape untuk seeds germination? thnks=)

    1. ambil masa lebih kurang seminggu untuk bercambah. Saya menyemai semua biji benih guna tanah jenama AAA, saya dapati jenama lain terlalu berasid, benih tidak bercambah. Untuk asparagus saya guna tanah jenama bagus.