Sunday, 7 April 2013


For some people, growing tomato is a piece of cake. But my tomato never reaches the fruiting stage. It started as fast growing healthy tomato seedling, then it flower, flower wilted and the plant leaf become curly, growth become stunted and finally it died.

I’m craving for sweetest tomato, so i ordered for suncherry premium F1 hybrid which cost me RM 19 for 6 tomato seeds. Before i start with the expensive seeds i try to grow tomato again from the seed that i saved from store bought tomato.

This time i direct sow the seeds. So far my tomato plants are doing very well.

tomato seedling

healthy looking tomato flower


  1. I can not wait for a fresh tomato! Yours look great.

  2. yes it does:-) In Malaysia i can grow tomato a whole year but when the hotter the day the population of bug also increase.

  3. Your tomato plant looks really healthy :). I'm sure you'll get some tasty tomatoes from this one. I had the same problem with my tomato plant not fruiting last year. This year, I've been gently shaking the flowers to help them self-pollinate, and I've gotten more tomatoes that way. Maybe that will help you?

    1. I've read about it in your post, but i'm not clear about it, do you shake the whole bunch of flower or an invidual flower . Can you give me links to you tube on how to pollinate by shaking?