Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pink & Carmine red balsam

These are new addition to my balsam collection. I really love this double flower carmine red balsam. The deep pink balsam is attractive too; have to look for fully double cultivar.

carmine red balsam

grasshopper relaxing on the pink flower

fully double light pink


  1. yang mana satu pink terang ke pink muda?

  2. the carmine red are stunning!!

  3. I used to have the double light pink one in my garden. The plant used to re-seed and re-grow itself till one point. Now gone. You have a beautiful collection of garden balsam. Glad I see them in your garden. Have a pleasant evening! Btw, thanks for reminding me about my calla lily. I need to go back to my blog to track what happened hehe...

    1. Calla is very expensive, it is 6x more expensive than gladious, I bought 5 tuber, I wonder whether it is worth to throw away a few hundreds ringgit just to satisfy my curiosity:-))