Sunday, 7 April 2013


Two varieties of cosmos is flowering right now, Cosmos bipannatus candy stripe and cosmos sulphureus limara lemon. Cosmos Sulphureus ladybird and brightness are still seedlings. Cosmos bipannatus has long needle like leaves while C. sulphureus has broader fern like leaves. I find that sulphureus species is very easy to grow in lowland tropic. I succeed to grow C. Bipannatus to flowering stage only after a 3rd attempt.

C. bipannatus candy stripe

attractive leaves

a little change in genetic cause variation of the bloom colour
C.sulphureus limara lemon


  1. any seeds for sale for cosmos?

  2. yes, look into my sis blog. she has both sulphureus and bipannatus but she only advertise c. sulphureus because bipannatus rarely reach maturity.