Sunday, 21 April 2013

Giant Russian sunflower

The name says it all. It grow to the height of 7 feet.  The flower is big as each plant will produce a single flower. However this is the first time the flower head is droopy, i hope it is heavy because it is laden with seeds. Maybe after this i can try homemade organic roasted giant sunflower seeds.


  1. It must be very heavy! I'll have lots of delicious seeds to eat! Unless the birds will be first to eat them :)

  2. mine was attacked with grasshopper..its like hundred of them!

  3. @ Dewberry : the birds prefer mulberry, cabbage and amaranth leaves, what type of sunflower do you grow for seeds?

    @ Lynn: I sow a lot of seeds, only 1/3 reach flowering stage. when i have free time i catch it twice a day to feed " ikan puyu"