Thursday, 18 April 2013

Something to cheer me up

I fertilize my flower in the evening after i come back from work, i use very weak fertilizer solution hence i'll feed my flower 2 to 3 times a week.  I was on sick leave since yesterday due to severe back pain (it is definitely not related to lifting anything heavy  like huge flowerpot!) which means that I’m bedbound for 2 days. It is very upsetting when there is a hitch in your plan and because i cannot admire my beautiful flowers.  Thanks to my sis for watering my plant and took photos for me.
At 3 pm today a postman cheers me up by bringing me a 5 kg package.  This is a second package from my very good friend Peter from Holland. Its content are gladiolus, crocosmia, montbretia bulbs calla and dahlia tubers.                
various bulbs and tubers
I'll will try to get more lily bulbs for 3rd package as 6 bulbs that he sent in the first package are sprouting

pink asiatic lily sprout

pink asiatic lily

white oriental lily

Casa blanca cultivar

 and my calla lilies are doing quite well too.  

5 tubers  in a pot; all sprouting

3 mixed  tubers


Black star


  1. They are looking great! I can not wait for mine to come up. The black star is my favorite. I love any kind of lily. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks Erin. I love lily too , tried it twice before but the bulbs rot before it sprout.

  2. owh, its coming already!! (eh, Lynn pulak terlebih excited..) dont foget to post the new gladioli bulb for me to buy ya!

  3. gardener, xde ke crocosmia for sale? =)

    1. yang saya tanam tu susah nak sesuaikan diri, bulb pun lagi mahal dari gladiolus, tu yg malas nak jual but aniaya org je. Kalau awak nak saya boleh tolong orderkan tahun depan, awak bayar harga bulb + shipping je. tapi tak janji ye (kalau kawan saya masih sudi utk tolong beli dan poskan ada le rezeki awak.

  4. owh kalau macm tu takpelah, sya ingtkan bulb senang nak hidup kat malaysia nie... hehehe thnks gardener..=)

  5. Sis.. ada tak lg bulb jual? Kalau ada, sy nk beli. Terutama casablanca lily

  6. Brape harga satu packet benih tu ye..berminat dengan gladious n lily tu

  7. prosedur bawa benih masuk ke malaysia macam mana ya? harap2 boleh kongsi.. emel ke tq inadvance